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News Release from: TTPCom
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 30 March 2004

Interface standard aids mobile competition

TTPCom has helped in the creation and development of the DigRF interface standard for Edge Classes 1 to 12.

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TTPCom has helped in the creation and development of the DigRF interface standard for Edge Classes 1 to 12. The DigRF standard defines a physical interface between the baseband and radio ICs within cellular terminals, enabling any combination of supporting chipsets. This new standard will increase competition in the market by enabling handset manufactures to select the most appropriate GSM, GPRS or Edge baseband and radio combination, whether that is based on cost or advanced features, without undertaking significant integration risks.

Andrew Fogg, Senior Research and Development Engineer at TTPCom and Chairman of the Digital Interface Working Group comments: "The DigRF standard gives terminal designers a wider choice of chipset combinations by ensuring compatibility between baseband and RF ICs.

The standard intentionally confines itself to the interface between the chips and so places very few constraints on the internal design of the ICs, leaving manufacturers free to innovate and define efficient solutions".

TTPCom is heavily involved in the Digital Interface Working Group alongside other industry leaders including Agere Systems, Infineon Technologies, Motorola, Philips, Renesas, RF Micro-Devices, Silicon Laboratories, Sony Semiconductors and Devices Europe and Skyworks.

Version 1.12 of the DigRF standard covers GSM, GPRS and Edge and is available for download from www.digrf.com.

The Digital Interface Working Group has started work on the 3G version of the interface standard, which will be released in Spring 2005.

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