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Product category: Reference Designs
News Release from: TTPCom | Subject: Edge reference module
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 21 July 2003

Module points to faster Edge datarates

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TTPCom has released a multislot Class 12 Edge reference module.

TTPCom has released a multislot Class 12 Edge reference module This solution is the culmination of extensive in-house development and interoperability (IOT) testing, against all leading infrastructure providers and in collaboration with Edge operators

During lab tests TTPCom's Edge solution achieves the maximum on air datarate of 236.8Kbit/s for a four-slot capable mobile using the highest Edge coding scheme, MSC-9.

This performance more than triples the datarates previously achievable with GPRS, and sets a new benchmark for datarates over GSM networks.

The credit card-sized module contains all the circuitry required for a complete Edge modem with additional interfaces supplied for product development and testing.