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Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 14 January 2003

Acquisition adds WiFi to IP potfolio

TTPCom has acquired full ownership of the 802.11 wireless LAN intellectual property developed by Cadence Design Foundry (formerly Tality Corp).

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TTPCom has acquired full ownership of the 802.11 wireless LAN intellectual property developed by Cadence Design Foundry (formerly Tality Corp). As a result of the purchase, TTPCom is able to offer the full range of 802.11 technologies to its customer base of silicon chip and terminal manufacturers. 802.11 is the emerging wireless networking standard that is revolutionising Internet access.

As well as supporting wireless office and home networking, new public WiFi "hot-spots" allow users to gain high-speed wireless Internet access at key locations such as airports and train stations.

As a result of acquiring 802.11 IP, TTPCom has a firm foundation on which to develop a wireless LAN business and will be well placed to take advantage of the opportunities that are likely to arise for multi-mode technology IP solutions - 802.11 combined with GPRS, Edge or 3G.

This combination has the potential to be included in a wide range of consumer and business devices such as laptops, PC chipsets, high-end handsets and PDAs.

TTPCom's technology will allow users who want wireless access to digital content to make the best use of available bandwidth at all times.

"At TTPCom we are always looking to broaden our expertise in the wireless space and adding 802.11 to our existing cellular technology range strengthens our position as the world's leading independent provider of digital wireless technology", said Tony Milbourn, Managing Director at TTPCom.

"By integrating 802.11 with our existing GPRS, Edge and 3G platforms, we provide chip and terminal manufacturers with a 'one stop shop' for the IP they need to build wireless data solutions, and ultimately a reduced time to market for these products".

TTPCom is building a team to develop and fully support 802.11 technology.

John Haine, TTPCom's business manager for the new unit, added "TTPCom now has access to WiFi approved and silicon proven designs that are fully interoperable with the installed base of 802.11 technology.

TTPCom's 802.11 product line will include advanced low power modem designs for 802.11a, 802.11b and 802.11g.

Enhancements that allow exciting new video applications based on 802.11e are well underway and security enhancements to comply with the draft 802.11i standard are complete".

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