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News Release from: Technojobs
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 29 January 2008

Cherry-picking in the electronics jobs

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Although overall the electronics market shows static pay, certain electronics job titles are showing remarkable growth in salaries advertised.

Electronics skills continue to be in strong demand during 2008, according to recruitment website Technojobs Although overall the electronics market shows static pay, certain electronics job titles are showing remarkable growth in salaries advertised, including IC and ASIC design jobs

The statistics confirm that lower level jobs are reducing in salary due to new technology and changes in work practices affecting the volume of vacancies.

Conversely, a strong focus will continue in higher skilled workers, especially around research and development and processes to improve manufacturing productivity gains.

The UK is a still one of the centres for global electronics companies in terms of development and manufacturing bases.

Therefore for those looking to upgrade skills or experience, the jobs likely to show high pay growth include design engineers and test engineers.

Highlights from the latest electronics salary information, shows the following (source: IT Jobs Watch): all electronics jobs GBP 44,074 up 1.75%; electronics engineer GBP 35,669 up 5.39%; electronics technician GBP 19,300 down 30.60%; ASIC related jobs GBP 41,892 up 22.99%; IC design GBP 44,196 up 24.23%; DSP engineer GBP 36,791 down 8.65%; and digital design engineer GBP 42,167 up 21.37%.

According to Anthony Sherick of Technojobs: "We have seen a constant and strong growth in electronics jobs advertised over the last six months across many diverse areas of electronics".

"Speaking to a number of key recruitment agencies, it remains that strong, experienced electronics candidates are in high demand".

"For some recruiters there may in fact be the potential problem of a skills gap between the market requirements for specialist jobs and existing skills available".

"This salary information obviously just gives an overview due to the very fragmented nature of the electronics jobs market; however the extremes of salary changes are very interesting and reinforce the demand for skilled and experienced electronics candidates".

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