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Product category: PC-Compatible Boards and Assemblies
News Release from: Toshiba Europe Storage Device Division | Subject: MK1216GSG and MK8016GSG
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 27 February 2008

Hard disks provide portable storage

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The dual platter 120Gbyte MK1216GSG offers an aerial density of 283.3Mbit/mm and can hold over 30,000 high-quality MP3 files or just over 150 hours of DVD quality MPEG-4 video.

Next-generation notebook PCs are set to get a substantial storage boost thanks to two new 1.8in hard disk drives (HDDs) from Toshiba Europe Storage Device Division The company has released the the 120Gbyte MK1216GSG and 80Gbyte MK8016GSG, designed to provide high-capacity storage in high-end notebook computers