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Edited by the Electronicstalk editorial team May 18, 2011

The Axiomet T2090 Cable Locator set, available from transfer Multisort Elektronic, consists of a transmitter and a receiver.

The receiver is equipped with buttons for auto/manual mode selection and a large backlit LCD displaying the code and intensity of the signal being detected.

The T2090 cable locator from Axiomet is now available from TME

The T2090 cable locator from Axiomet is now available from TME

Sensitivity adjustment enables very precise detection of live wires, breaks and short-circuits.

The user is informed about the detected signal level with a high-pitched acoustic alarm.

The receiver provides voltage measurement in the range of 12 to 400V AC.

The transmitter included in the set generates a coded digital signal of 125kHZ, which allows the user to localise cable routes in the ground and metal pipes for water and central-heating systems, as well as dead wires.

The AX-T2090 locator is supplied as a full set, including: transmitter, receiver, heavy-duty test leads set, set of alligator clips and a hard-top carrying case.

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