TE3610PF LSI incorporates Iridix and Sinter

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Edited by the Electronicstalk editorial team Mar 9, 2009

Tokyo Electron Device has introduced the TE3610PF LSI.

The TE3610PF LSI is based on two image-processing technologies developed by Apical: Iridix, which implements pixel-by-pixel dynamic range compression, and Sinter, which is an advanced noise-reduction core.

The dynamic range compression function can produce images with an appearance similar to those seen by the human eye, while the noise-reduction function reduces sensor noise and improves the efficiency of compression techniques such as JPEG and MPEG.

Apical's Iridix image-processing technology is a type of dynamic range compression that uses an algorithm that mimics the action of the human retina.

The method has used research into the human visual system (HVS) to model how the retina automatically adjusts the dynamic range of an image and works by adjusting the brightness of each pixel in realtime with reference to the local area within the frame.

The technology can reproduce images regardless of the environment in which the image was captured.

Iridix dynamic range compression individually determines the optimum tone curve for each pixel, which allows the image to be reproduced in a way similar to that seen by humans.

Information content and local contrast is preserved under all conditions.

Because the TE3610PF also uses Sinter noise-reduction technology, it reduces sensor noise prior to image compression and improves the efficiency of JPEG and MPEG compression.

The TE3610PF connects to the final stage of the AFE (analogue front end) so as to apply correction to the RAW data with the highest information content.

That achieves the maximum-possible dynamic-range compression benefits.

The new LSI is aimed for use in digital cameras and in security equipment such as surveillance cameras and vehicle-mounted cameras.

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