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Product category: Communications ICs (Wireless)
News Release from: Telegent Systems | Subject: Mobile TV ICs
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 18 August 2008

Taiwanese handsets add free-to-air TV

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Picture quality, low power consumption and mobility all counted when Arima Communications Corp selected Telegent's mobile TV IC for its latest handsets.

Leading Taiwanese original design manufacturer Arima Communications Corp has selected Telegent's mobile TV solution for the free-to-air TV feature in selected handset models The TV phones, which provide consumers with mobile access to local over-the-air broadcast television channels, are expected to be available to consumers by late summer of this year

"We see free-to-air mobile TV becoming a heavily used feature on handsets that can differentiate our product offerings", said Paul Wang, Arima's Senior Vice President.

"We selected Telegent's mobile TV solution because of the depth of their experience with free-to-air mobile TV and the performance of their solution with respect to picture quality, low power and mobility".

Arima's TV handset brings a number of firsts to the mobile TV market aimed at providing the consumer with an enjoyable television viewing experience.

It is the first phone from a Taiwan manufacturer to integrate a TV button on the handset that provides the consumer with direct access to the TV function.

It enables auto-rotation between landscape and portrait views using an integrated accelerometer.

The handset also sports a stylish form-factor that is under 50mm wide and 110mm tall and incorporates a connection for a TV stand accessory.

"Arima is a recognised leader in design innovation and product quality", said Weijie Yun, President and Chief Executive Officer of Telegent Systems.

"Their dedication to providing an exceptional user experience further enhances the value of the TV feature to the consumer".

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