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Listing of all 85 news releases from Tensilica:

Partnership targets high-end computing

Tensilica and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory's supercomputing collaboration aims to make "exascale systems"feasible and cost-effective.

News from Tensilica ( 6 May 2008)

Audio core adds Blu-ray Disc support

Tensilica's HiFi Audio Engine is a fully programmable processor core optimised for audio applications, with a library of over 30 of the most popular audio software packages.

News from Tensilica ( 1 May 2008)

SoC design tool predicts power consumption

Hardware designers can drive Xtensa processor configuration choices to dramatically lower the total clock processor cycles required to perform a given functional workload.

News from Tensilica ( 1 April 2008)

Decoder implementations provide surround sound

aacPlus V1 is a superset of AAC that adds spectral band replication (SBR), a bandwidth extension technique that enables audio codecs to deliver the same quality at half the bit rate.

News from Tensilica (14 March 2008)

Configurable processor powers HD radio

 User application article   Baseband processor is based on a design by iBiquity Digital Corporation, the developer and licensor of HD Radio technology and a Tensilica processor reseller.

News from Tensilica (14 March 2008)

Configurable core drives ultrawideband CMOS SoCs

 User application article   Easily configurable processor technology plays a key role in delivering the feature rich WiMedia protocol at low power and cost.

News from Tensilica ( 5 March 2008)

System improves multiprocessor flexibility

 User application article   Using Tensilica allowed the Smart Memory team to focus on creating a flexible memory system that supports many different memory models

News from Tensilica (29 February 2008)

Samsung signs for audio DSP core

Samsung will use the Diamond Standard 330HiFi audio DSP in mobile handset and other designs.

News from Tensilica (15 February 2008)

Development kit support expands board options

Software developers can choose between the cost-effective Avnet LX60 board and the high-capacity Avnet LX200 board to speed their software design, debug and program optimisation processes.

News from Tensilica (23 January 2008)

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