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Product category: Communications ICs (Wired)
News Release from: Texas Instruments (April 2001-March 2006) | Subject: AR7 ADSL2+
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 07 March 2006

Residential gateway combines powerline
with ADSL2+

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Corinex Communications has integrated TI's AR7 ADSL2+ with its own powerline technology in a single residential gateway.

Corinex Communications has integrated TI's AR7 ADSL2+ with its own powerline technology in a single residential gateway (RG) The Corinex ADSL2+ AV200 powerline gateway is the first to combine TI's ADSL2+ and wireless G++ technology with 200Mbit/s powerline technology to deliver the speed and quality of service required to distribute up to nine simultaneous streams of video throughout the home, including high definition (HD) and all other video formats

A major challenge for service providers in delivering IPTV has been in distributing signals from the customer's DSL modem to the set top boxes (STB) in other rooms of the home.

The Corinex ADSL2+ AV200 powerline gateway G, based on TI's advanced signal processing and DSL technology, distributes flawless video content throughout an entire home over existing electrical wires.

"Corinex's AV200 powerline technology has been selected by operators such as Telefonica of Spain and is currently in deployments, tests and field trials with over 40 operators worldwide for IPTV over powerlines", said Dr Peter Sobotka, Corinex CEO and Chairman of the Digital Home Standardisation for the Universal Powerline Association.

"We see substantial interest for this gateway".

Corinex's triple-play RG greatly simplifies the installation time and costs for both consumers and operators.

The gateway is the industry's first box that manages both the interface to the operators network and the 802.11 wireless terminations in the home, in addition to distributing the video traffic throughout the home over electrical wires.

"TI's AR7 ADSL2+ technology integrated with Corinex's AV200 powerline technology enables service providers to leverage the two field-proven solutions to quickly rollout their IPTV services", said Kurt Eckles, Director of Marketing for TI's Residential Gateway and Embedded Systems Group.

"As computing, communications and entertainment become further intertwined, TI continues to work closely with innovative partners to deliver the next generation of residential gateway solutions for the digitally connected home".

The Corinex ADSL2+ AV200 Powerline Gateway G (CXA-AV200-RTG) is available now for testing with general availability in April.

Corinex and TI will showcase the Gateway at CeBIT at Corinex's booth in Hall 14, Stand H13.

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