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News Release from: Tektronix | Subject: AWG5000 Series of Arbitrary Waveform Generators
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 07 March 2007

Waveform generator for digital RF tests

Arbitrary waverform generator is useful for testing digital RF technologies including software-defined radios and radars, WiMAX, WiFi, MIMO, and UWB.

Tektronix has announced the AWG5000 Series of Arbitrary Waveform Generators (AWG), built on the same platform as the recently introduced AWG7000 Series With a single AWG5000, customers are able to generate high-resolution signals for testing both analogue and digital baseband and intermediate frequency (IF) circuits in mixed-signal devices, increasing test efficiency and reducing costs

The AWG5000 is useful for testing digital RF technologies including software-defined radios and radars, WiMAX, WiFi, MIMO, and UWB.

Digital RF refers to the integration of digital computing and traditional analogue radio frequency technologies and is a major technical driver enabling new wireless applications.

Digital RF applications combine both digital and analogue signal processing technology - analogue-to-digital convertors (ADCs), digital-to-analogue convertors (DACs), and RF functions - within a single device, presenting unique test requirements.

With variable sample rates up to 1.2 Gsample/s and 14bit resolution, either two or four analogue channels and up to 28 digital outputs, the AWG5000 series enables engineers to effectively and efficiently test emerging digital RF applications using "real-world" signals.

"The integration of digital and analogue circuits in digital RF designs can lead to implementation challenges", says Mike Higashi, Vice President, Signal Sources Product Line, Tektronix.

"Engineers performing design validation and characterisation of mixed-signal devices often have to depend on multiple instruments with complex and expensive test setups for their signal generation needs".

"The Tektronix AWG5000 solves this problem".

"The AWG5000 provides both analogue and digital IQ signals and direct IF beyond the capabilities of any single alternative such as RF signal or pulse pattern generators".

"With a single instrument, the AWG5000 provides engineers with the best test signal generator for both digital baseband and IF".

Depending on whether the interface between baseband and RF is analogue or digital, engineers require a signal generator with both high vertical resolution and spurious free dynamic range (SFDR) for analogue I/Q (in-phase carrier amplitude/quadrature phase carrier amplitude) and IF, or with parallel digital outputs for digital I/Q.

A signal generator with both analogue and parallel digital outputs for digital baseband is good for creating, replicating and generating either ideal, distorted or "real-life" signals including noise, jitter, glitches and other imperfections to assist with prototype debug and verification of the baseband/RF interface.

The AWG5000 Series consists of four models, offering two and four analogue channels with two versions of each, with variable sample rates up to 600 Msample/s and 1.2 Gsample/s.

All four models feature 14bit vertical resolution enabling signal generation with a high 80dB SFDR and two digital markers per analogue channel.

The two channel versions have an option for a pair of 14bit parallel digital outputs which enable test of digital IF or digital I/Q systems.

Additionally, the four channel models are ideal for test of 4x4 MIMO systems.

The combination of speed, resolution and digital output capability makes the AWG5000 capable of meeting most mixed-signal test needs.

Tektronix User Experience designers researched signal source customer usage patterns and needs to determine requirements for the AWG5000.

Based upon this research, the AWG5000 is equipped with a 10.4in LCD touch screen colour display and an intuitive user interface employing Windows XP to help engineers be more productive.

The integrated display and UI reduces the need for external devices and enables faster and easier setup, thus reducing time to productivity.

Unlike products that lack an integrated display and control, the AWG5000 offers superior usability for the lab.

Additionally, with Gigabit Ethernet LAN and GPIB interfaces, the AWG5000 provides the necessary interface control for use in manufacturing.

The AWG5000 enables easy data interchange with third-party software including MatLab, MathCad and Microsoft Excel which are often used in the creation and generation of waveforms, data streams and mixed signals as an aid to design, prototype, debug and test compliance of the latest products.

In addition to being suitable for the digital RF world, the AWG5000 with it's range of analogue and digital signal-generation capabilities follows its predecessors, the AWG400 and AWG500 series as being the mixed signal-generation tool of choice for designers of signal conversion devices such as D/A and A/D convertors, display and imaging devices and consumer and computing devices.

The AWG5000 Series is available immediately for order MSRP for the AWG5000 Series starts at GBP 15,500/Eur 23,000 for the AWG5002. Request a free brochure from Tektronix ...

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