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Product category: Stand-Alone Instruments
News Release from: Tektronix | Subject: TPS2000 Series
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 11 October 2004

DSOs boost productivity in the lab and field

The TPS2000 Series of DSOs is designed to improve the productivity of designers and technicians requiring a powerful, general-purpose oscilloscope in a compact, portable package.

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The TPS2000 Series of digital storage oscilloscopes (DSOs) is designed to improve the productivity of designers and technicians requiring a powerful, general-purpose oscilloscope in a compact, portable package. The TPS2000 Series are the first full-featured, four-isolated-channel, battery-powered oscilloscopes providing an accomplished measurement tool equally adept in the lab or in the field. Designers and technicians working in automotive, communications, consumer electronics, medical instrumentation, and security systems industries conduct a broad range of design validation and equipment maintenance tasks in a variety of working conditions.

They often need to verify the performance of complex control circuits and determine the effects of neutral current for differential voltages.

They need a lightweight, portable, full-featured oscilloscope capable of making floating measurements that has long battery life to support operations where AC power is not available.

Current alternatives for making floating and differential measurements may lack the versatility, accuracy, or affordability needed by these users.

The TPS2000 Series enables designers and technicians to make these measurements much more quickly, accurately and affordably.

Floating measurements up to 30V RMS can be made using the standard P2220 probe provided with the TPS2000 oscilloscopes.

Floating measurements of higher voltages can be made using the TPS2PBND Power Bundle option.

With the TPS2000 Series, users can also quickly capture elusive glitches or anomalies that elude other oscilloscopes in this class, and characterise fast edges on four channels simultaneously with unique digital real-time (DRT) sampling technology.

Users can also easily correlate measurements between bench, lab or field with the industry's longest battery operation.

"The new oscilloscopes offer a blend of powerful features, a mobile package and an affordable price to meet the needs of electronic design validation and installation professionals", said Craig Overhage, Vice President, Instrument Business Unit, Tektronix.

"With four isolated channels, digital real-time technology and up to eight hours of battery operation, the TPS2000 Series oscilloscopes offer full-featured performance essential to enhancing productivity".

"The TPS2000 oscilloscopes provide an all-in-one solution that enables customers to accomplish more in less time and with less equipment".

The TPS2000 Series consists of three models: the TPS2012, TPS2014 and TPS2024.

The TPS2024 and TPS2014 offer four channels with 200 and 100MHz bandwidth, respectively, whereas the TPS2012 offers two channels at 100MHz bandwidth.

All channels are isolated from ground by virtue of Tektronix' patent-pending IsolatedChannel technology.

All models provide as standard a four hour rechargeable battery, accurate real-time acquisition, advanced triggers up to their full bandwidth, and digital real-time (DRT) sampling technology that captures single-shot and intermittent events that elude other oscilloscopes in its class.

OpenChoice software and integrated CompactFlash mass storage are options that allow data transfer and documentation with ease.

TPS2000 Series are the world's first four IsolatedChannel input, low-cost, battery-powered oscilloscopes.

They deliver the industry's longest continuous battery life of up to eight hours of continuous battery operation using two hot-swappable batteries installed for virtually unlimited freedom from an AC power source.

These instruments allow designers and technicians to be more efficient, reducing their test time and ultimately speeding their products to customers.

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