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Convertor quartet powers Xilinx platform

A Lineage Power Corporation product story
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Edited by the Electronicstalk editorial team Apr 22, 2004

Four DC/DC convertors from Tyco Electronics Power Systems feature in the Xilinx AdvancedTCA-compliant development platform.

Four DC/DC convertors from Tyco Electronics Power Systems feature in the Xilinx AdvancedTCA-compliant development platform.

Xilinx, the worldwide leader of programmable logic solutions, launched its Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture (AdvancedTCA) platform at the Intel Developer Forum held in February in San Francisco.

Tyco Electronics' 60A QPW isolated quarter brick, 25A EQW isolated eighth brick, 10A Austin Lynx nonisolated and 5A Austin MicroLynx nonisolated convertor series will be standardised on Xilinx's AdvancedTCA development board.

Xilinx's new offering aims to ease development and reduce design time for designers of line card and backplane applications.

"Tyco Electronics Power Systems offers a wide range of convertors that were able to meet all of the AdvancedTCA board's power requirements, including EMI filtering, hot swap and power protection", said Robert Bielby, Senior Director of Strategic Solutions Marketing at Xilinx.

"Tyco Electronics provided the design support from a power perspective as well as the modules with output voltages at the right power levels.

This board will enable a broad range of applications".

Tyco Electronics' QPW DC/DC convertor offers very high efficiency and power density, providing cost and space savings and a power density of 119W/in3 capable of delivering an ultrahigh 93% efficiency at 3.3V output.

This effectively extends the utility and reliability of the quarter-brick format, enabling Xilinx to use lower-cost components that also require far less space.

The EQW series of industry standard DC/DC convertors provide up to 25A output current, using synchronous rectification technology and innovative packaging techniques to achieve efficiency of 90% at 3.3V full load.

All EQW series modules offer a range of management features including remote on/off, output voltage adjustment and remote sensing.

Safety features include protection against output overvoltage, overcurrent or overtemperature of the module.

The Austin Lynx family of single-output 10A nonisolated DC/DC convertors also enables Xilinx to power the latest low-voltage components while minimising AdvancedTCA board space.

Austin Lynx convertors combine reliability with ultra high efficiency in a low-cost package.

Tyco Electronics' 12V Austin MicroLynx series of convertors convert a range of input voltage between 10 and 14.0V DC to a precisely regulated output ranging from 5V DC down to as low as 0.75V DC at load currents up to 5A.

The modules have built-in overcurrent protections and are capable of operating over a -40 to +85C temperature range.

They also have high reliability, with estimated MTBF of 20Mh at 25C.

"Xilinx's AdvancedTCA platform introduces the industry to the adoption of open standards-based building blocks in place of proprietary system implementations", said Sabi Varma, Vice President, Marketing and Business Operations for Tyco Electronics Power Systems.

"Tyco Electronics Power Systems is proud to be a part of this initiative".

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