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Edited by the Electronicstalk editorial team Oct 10, 2008

Altium has released online training videos that help engineers harness the power of programmable logic to explore concepts and develop electronic designs using Altium's Innovation Station.

The videos provide detailed instructions on how electronics designers can explore concepts, rapidly prototype, and experiment with various device options using Altium's Innovation Station.

They show engineers how easy it is to capture their ideas and implement them through real LiveDesign experimentation.

With the Altium Innovation Station, Altium provides a complete product development environment with all the software and hardware a designer needs to develop their next-generation electronic products.

Using this approach, engineers can simply snap together a complete system using blocks of reusable IP, so that they can quickly and easily move to developing the product's unique functional intelligence.

The result is more design possibilities, without the constraints of fixed hardware.

Altium's Innovation Station, a unified electronics design system, helps designers focus more on the differentiating aspects of design by making it easy to explore new concepts and when ready take that to a custom PCB design implementation easily within a single application.

The Altium Innovation Station has recently been added to the Digi-Key product range as part of a distribution agreement Altium products stocked by Digi-Key are featured in its print and online catalogues and are available for immediate purchase directly from Digi-Key.

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