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Listing of all 6 news releases from Synaptics:

Touchscreen enables Japanese character entry

User application article The SH906i is the first ClearPad-enabled touchscreen mobile phone in Japan's mobile handset market.

News from Synaptics ( 9 June 2008)

Sensors save energy at the interface

Proximity sensing technology offers exciting interface design options for OEM/ODM customers.

News from Synaptics ( 3 June 2008)

Touch technology is LG's Secret weapon

User application article ClearPad and ClearArray provide robust, high-performance touchscreen interfaces for manufacturers of mobile devices.

News from Synaptics ( 2 May 2008)

Slim touch sensors suit mobile phones

All ClearTouch solutions can operate under glass or plastic, resulting in robust devices with slim form factors and sleek designs.

News from Synaptics (23 April 2008)

Capacitive sensing turns to all-in remote control

The Boomerang design concept demonstrates how capacitive technology and gesture recognition can improve the function of universal remote controls.

News from Synaptics (23 January 2008)

Navigation devices take new approach to scrolling

ChiralMotion technology is extremely well-suited for small handheld products such as feature-rich mobile handsets, personal navigation systems and personal media players.

News from Synaptics ( 2 October 2007)

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