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Syfer Technology

Old Stoke Road
NR14 8SQ
Telephone: (UK) +44 1603 723310

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New processes cut capacitor thickness

Developments in the 'wet process' used to screen print the di-electric material have allowed Syfer to produce thinner layers.

News from Syfer Technology ( 9 April 2008)

Ceramic capacitors suit EMI filtering

Syfer's discoidal multilayer ceramic capacitors can be installed directly into filters, onto bulkheads, hybrid circuits or onto printed circuit boards.

News from Syfer Technology (30 January 2008)

Capacitors are approved to new specifications

Procurement departments can now source a far wider range of IECQ-CECC approved surface mount capacitors than previously.

News from Syfer Technology ( 4 January 2008)

Capacitors block interference

Feeding DC current directly through the E07 chip filters will provide PCB designers with a significantly improved high-fr