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FPGA software brings IP into line

Allows users to select, configure and assemble internal and third-party IP delivered in the IP-XACT format, integrate that IP and then implement it into a variety of FPGA devices.

News from Synplicity (16 April 2008)

IP programme shows initiative for FPGA designers

Programme delivers the industry's first and complete universal, encrypted design methodology for FPGA implementation.

News from Synplicity (16 April 2008)

FPGA support provides productivity boost

The Virtex-5 FXT platform comes with up to two PowerPC 440 processor blocks, a DSP and high-speed serial capabilities to deliver a comprehensive system integration platform

News from Synplicity ( 2 April 2008)

DSP tool eases complex multimedia design

Synplify DSP 3.6 includes new enhancements to architectural optimisations and DSP synthesis methodology, as well as new IP blocks and capacity improvements.

News from Synplicity ( 2 April 2008)

ASIC verification platform proves popular

Confirma is the industry's only complete prototyping solution combining best-in-class hardware and software tools in a tightly integrated, easy-to-use environment.

News from Synplicity (20 March 2008)

Software receives FPGA optimisation

Synplify Premier 9.0 gives users accurate timing information and insight into debug performance-related issues immediately after synthesis.

News from Synplicity (28 January 2008)

Software for Xilinx electronic system level design

Synplicity has joined the Xilinx ESL Initiative, adding its Synplify DSP software to the Xilinx ESL design ecosystem.

News from Synplicity (29 November 2007)

Software supports FPGA devices

Synplicity's Synplify DSP software now supports the LatticeECP2MO and LatticeXP2O field programmable gate array (FPGA) devices.

News from Synplicity ( 6 November 2007)

ASIC prototyping board boasts biggest FPGA

System provides a cost-effective, high-performance prototyping solution that reduces development time for today's challenging SoC designs.

News from Synplicity (26 September 2007)

Acquisition adds verification hardware to software

Synplicity has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Hardi Electronics for US $24.2 million in cash.

News from Synplicity ( 6 June 2007)

Collaboration to improve ASIC verification

Synopsys and Synplicity have agreed to work together on next-generation high-performance verification solutions for ASIC designers.

News from Synplicity (28 May 2007)