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Surf Communication Solutions

Tavor Building
Yokneam Industrial Park
Telephone: (Israel) + 972 4 9095777

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DSP handles voice, video and data

 User application article   The Surf DSP-24 provides simultaneous support for voice, video and data running on a single DSP.

News from Surf Communication Solutions (12 March 2008)

Processing platforms upgrade to six-core DSP

Surf has integrated TI's DSP into its advanced mezzanine card (AMC), PCI Express card and chip-level solution to support the development of multimedia gateways and servers.

News from Surf Communication Solutions (15 February 2008)

Multimedia DSP board entertains and watches

 User application article   Intellistream is using the SurfAce 112/PCI multimedia processing solution in its mobile entertainment applications and video surveillance solutions.

News from Surf Communication Solutions (13 December 2007)

Telecommunications company makes multimedia choice

 User application article   The high capacity of the Surf DSP-12 makes it very easy to convert the full capacity of PRI ISDN directly into GSM networks.

News from Surf Communication Solutions (17 October 2007)

DSP resource board powers telecomms applications

RoHS-compliant single-lane half-length full-height PCI Express form-factor DSP farm has VoIP, audio, video and data processing capabilities.

News from Surf Communication Solutions (13 February 2007)