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Listing of all 11 news releases from Supertex:

Dual EL lamp drivers cover a big area

The HV841 and the HV839 are high voltage driver ICs designed to drive two electroluminescent (EL) lamps with a combined area of up to 3.5in2.

News from Supertex (15 August 2005)

White LED driver has built-in soft-start

The HV9903 is a fixed-frequency DC/DC boost convertor IC designed to drive up to six white LEDs with constant current at efficiencies over 85%.

News from Supertex (15 October 2003)

Single chip takes on backplane power control

The HV111 is a complete power management solution for externally powered network equipment and pluggable backplane applications with loads up to 1.65A.

News from Supertex (27 June 2003)

Wide inputs for HV linear