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Listing of all 23 news releases from Sunpower (UK):

Desktop power adapter eases equipment design

Desktop adapter style fanless ATX PSU is rated for 100W continuous power and possesses the capability of 125 or 150W peak load for short periods.

News from Sunpower (UK) ( 1 October 2007)

Low-profile switcher takes PFC onboard

U-bracket type power supply with power factor correction answers growing demand in low profile middle wattage applications.

News from Sunpower (UK) (17 August 2007)

Miniature power supply is smallest yet

The RS-15 are Sunpower's smallest AC/DC enclosed type switching power supplies that can provide 15W using only free air convection.

News from Sunpower (UK) ( 2 August 2007)

LED power supply saves on PFC

Switching power supply for low-cost lighting applications features IP64 design, protecting components from dust and moisture in harsher locations.

News from Sunpower (UK) (16 July 2007)

Supplies are made for LED lighting

AC/DC enclosed type switching power supplies with active PFC function are designed for use in the LED lighting industry.

News from Sunpower (UK) (13 April 2007)

DC/DC convertors distribute power onboard