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Surtech Distribution

Unit 20 Glenmore Business Park
Colebrook Way
SP10 3GZ
Telephone: (UK) +44 1264 369991

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Listing of all 6 news releases from Surtech Distribution:

Distribution stock guarantees rack supply

Surtech Distribution is committed to holding a minimum of GBP 200,000 worth of Imrak 1400 stock at any time and can arrange next day delivery.

News from Surtech Distribution ( 1 May 2008)

Distribution deal assures PSU supplies

Eplax power supplies are now available in the UK from Andover-based Surtech Distribution.

News from Surtech Distribution (25 May 2007)

Distributor steps in to assure enclosure supplies

Surtech Distribution has secured supplies of racks and enclosures formerly manufactured by APW Enclosure Solutions and Vero Electronics Packaging.

News from Surtech Distribution (21 March 2007)

Tantalum chip capacitors have ultra-low ESR

Now available in the UK from Surtech Distribution is the Matsuo range of ultra-low ESR (equivalent series resistance) tantalum chip capacitors.

News from Surtech Distribution ( 4 June 2001)

Upgraded tantalum chips hold more in less space

The Matsuo 267E range of tantalum chip capacitors, now available in the UK from Surtech Distribution, is an upgraded version of the established 267 Series with a number of enhancements.

News from Surtech Distribution (18 May 2001)

Miniature tantalum capacitors save board space

The Matsuo 251 series of ultraminiature solid-electrolyte tantalum capacitors is now available exclusively in the UK from Surtech.

News from Surtech Distribution (27 April 2001)


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