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Strongbox House, Townsend Industrial Est
Blackburn Road, Houghton Regis
Telephone: (UK) +44 1582 671111

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Steel chests add wood grain effects

Strongbox all-steel, fully welded equipment chests are now available in a range of wood grain effect finishes that make them ideal for environments where aesthetics are important.

News from Strongbox ( 5 January 2007)

Chests provide rugged and low-cost housings

All-steel fully welded equipment chests are designed to provide a rugged and low-cost portable housing at a fraction of the price of a standard instrument rack.

News from Strongbox ( 4 August 2006)

Fast delivery for flexible instrument racks

A new range of instrument racks incorporates many new design features that improve system flexibility, maximise the cable aperture access space for the rack width and make baying simpler.

News from Strongbox (23 June 2003)

Rugged chests form economical housings

Strongbox has a new range of equipment chests that forms an ideal low-cost portable housing system for small audiovisual or background music systems and similar applications.

News from Strongbox ( 7 June 2002)

Acoustic racks don't disturb flies on walls

 User application article   Strongbox acoustic racks have been used by the Soho production company, Resolution, in the editing of both the fly-on-the-wall documentaries Big Brother and Popstars.

News from Strongbox ( 2 November 2001)


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