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AMD House
Frimley Business Park
GU16 7SL
Telephone: (UK) +44 1276 803100

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Licence puts Spansion on IBM's Racetrack

Memory breakthrough could lead to cheaper, more durable electronic devices that would hold far more data in the same amount of space and boot up more quickly.

News from Spansion (29 April 2008)

Flash memories cut handset design costs

MirrorBit Eclipse architecture-based MCPs offer exceptional user experience in mid- to high-end mobile phone platforms.

News from Spansion ( 7 April 2008)

Technology licensing offers new direction

Acquisition signals Spansion's immediate entry into the technology licensing business, significantly expanding its market opportunity.

News from Spansion (24 March 2008)

Manufacturing efficiency boosts Flash output

Increased output from both its its Austin, Texas and Aizu-Wakamatsu, Japan fabs will enable Spansion to reduce its dependencies on outside foundry support.

News from Spansion (20 March 2008)

Flash output ramps up at 65nm in Japan

Spansion is the first company to produce next-generation NOR Flash memory technology on 300mm wafers.

News from Spansion (10 March 2008)

Next-generation ORNAND targets NAND applications

MirrorBit ORNAND2 architecture will use a SONOS-like memory cell connected in a NAND memory array at 45nm, featuring fast write performance with high packing density.

News from Spansion (16 November 2007)

Flash facility begins producing 300mm wafers

The SP1 wafer manufacturing site is the first factory constructed by Spansion since becoming an independent company.

News from Spansion (20 September 2007)

NOR Flash is ready for Chinese handset designs