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Spectrum Group

6 Grange Mews, Station Road
OX26 5DX
Telephone: (UK) +44 1869 357230

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Listing of all 28 news releases from Spectrum Group:

Design services partner goes online

Andimedes has particular expertise in test and measurement, communications and industrial and consumer electronic applications.

News from Spectrum Group (27 March 2008)

Rep deal brings Cswitch to Europe

Cswitch will be represented throughout Europe by Spectrum's pan-European rep/stockist operation, Silicon Design.

News from Spectrum Group ( 8 February 2008)

Library enhances simulation and modelling

Ismosys will represent Accelerated Designs in European territories and handle the distribution of its products, particularly its Ultra Librarian EDA library tool, online globally.

News from Spectrum Group (18 January 2008)

Fabric keyboard finds new route to market

Spectrum Retail will develop the market for Eleksen's innovative full sized wireless keyboard that can be rolled-up small enough to fit into a jacket pocket.

News from Spectrum Group (22 June 2007)

Silicon Design sells IntellaSys in EMEA

The Spectrum Electronics Group has established a new operation, Silicon Design, to spearhead IntellaSys' penetration of the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) markets.

News from Spectrum Group (22 February 2007)

Surface-mount oscillator is RoHS compliant

Following its appointment to represent Fox Electronics, Spectrum-Infocus has released details of a new fully RoHS compliant 3.3V small-form-factor HCMOS ceramic surface-mount oscillator.

News from Spectrum Group (16 June 2006)

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