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Strategic Test

12 Alfred Street, Suite 300
MA 01801-1915
Telephone: (USA) +1 617 621 0080

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Listing of all 53 news releases from Strategic Test:

Speedy samplers connect via PCI Express

Advanced features include options for dual-timebase sampling, synchronous digital inputs, asynchronous digital I/O and the possibility to synchronise up to 4336 channels.

News from Strategic Test (12 February 2008)

Digital I/O card is flexible about its 16 channels

PCI Express based digital bit stream card has 16 channels that can all be set to either input or output with a maximum clock rate of 125MHz.

News from Strategic Test (10 January 2008)

Waveform generator rides PCI Express bus

Arbitrary waveform generator on PCI Express card is well suited for creating complex waveforms.

News from Strategic Test ( 4 December 2007)

Express scope cards are speedy samplers

With up to 4Gsample of onboard memory, the cards are able to record signals for 40 seconds on two channels and 20 seconds on four channels.

News from Strategic Test (27 November 2007)

Tiny module puts Freescale processor to work

System on module combines a 400MHz i.MX27 processor with 64Mbyte of mobile DDR-SDRAM, 128Mbyte NAND Flash memory and a 200-pin SODIMM connector.

News from Strategic Test (26 November 2007)

Digitiser card has scope for fast sampling

PCI Express oscilloscope/digitiser card has eight 25Msample/s 12bit ADCs for simultaneous sampling without time-skew errors.

News from Strategic Test ( 3 October 2007)

Development kits cut costs and add binaries

Cut-price PXA320 and PXA270 development kits are supplied with in-house developed BSPs for Microsoft Windows CE and Linux at no extra cost.

News from Strategic Test (27 September 2007)

Kit cuts the cost of PXA270 development

Development kit is reduced in price and includes Microsoft Windows CE 6