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Sequence Design

469 El Camino Real
Santa Clara
CA 95050
Telephone: (USA) +1 408 961-2300

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Listing of all 23 news releases from Sequence Design:

Analysis engine provides access to more power data

Power analysis engine gains state-of-the art power visualisation and debug capabilities for fast, interactive power reduction.

News from Sequence Design (18 May 2007)

Teradiant takes SI in its stride

 User application article   Teradiant Networks built a "single-pass" design flow from best-in-class EDA vendors, and selected Sequence Design's CoolTime for signoff.

News from Sequence Design ( 3 February 2004)

Extraction tool takes Toshiba below 90nm

Toshiba Corp has chosen the Sequence Design Columbus-AMS extraction tool for sub-90nm designs.

News from Sequence Design (30 January 2004)

Artisan aids with power modelling accuracy

Artisan Components has joined the InSequence Technology Partner Programme, promoting EDA interoperability, modelling accuracy and education.

News from Sequence Design (21 January 2004)

Chang elected to committee

Dr Li-Fu Chang, Sequence Design Project Manager, has been named to the board of the Fabless Semiconductor Association's (FSA) Modelling Committee.

News from Sequence Design ( 9 December 2003)

Renesas opts for Columbus

Renesas Technology Corp has standardised on the Sequence Design Columbus-AMS RLC parasitic extractor for 90nm designs.

News from Sequence De