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Spelsberg els UK

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Unit 17 Stafford Park 12
Telephone: (UK) +44 1952 200716

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Polycarbonate enclosures provide robust protection

 User application article   Spelsberg TK enclosures are being used to house an innovative laptop charging systems and connectivity hubs used for classrooms around the world.  Brochure available  

News from Spelsberg els UK ( 8 January 2007)

Outsourcing enclosure customisation and assembly

 User application article   If production volumes are likely to be high enough, a bespoke enclosure can always be manufactured to suit the application, says Graham Fox, MD of Spelsberg UK.  Brochure available  

News from Spelsberg els UK (28 October 2002)

RCB and MCB in compact easy-to-fit unit

Spelsberg's new KOPP-RCB is a residual current device and miniature circuit breaker combined into one compact easy-to-fit unit.  Brochure available  

News from Spelsberg els UK ( 8 September 2000)

Air management system size kept down by enclosures

 User application article   Spelsberg's modular GTI enclosures have enabled Electrotech to reduce the size and complexity of control panels used in the new air management system commissioned for the Wellcome Foundation  Brochure available  

News from Spelsberg els UK ( 5 July 2000)


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