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Southampton Photonics

3 Wellington Park
Tollbar Way, Hedge End
SO30 2QU
Telephone: (UK) +44 23 8076 6070

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Listing of all 16 news releases from Southampton Photonics:

Fibre lasers gain upgraded beam collimator

Southampton Photonics has launched a second generation beam collimator for its redPower range of CWM fibre lasers.

News from Southampton Photonics (18 January 2005)

Tinson leads global sales efforts

Southampton Photonics has appointed John Tinson as Vice President of Sales to lead the company's global sales efforts at a time when the company is also extending its redPower fibre laser family.

News from Southampton Photonics (12 October 2004)

Fibre laser claims record output power

Southampton Photonics and the University of Southampton's Optoelectronics Research Centre have produced more than 1kW output in a high-quality beam from a single-fibre laser.

News from Southampton Photonics ( 3 September 2003)

Single-fibre laser produces 600W

Southampton Photonics and the Optoelectronics Research Centre at the University of Southampton have demonstrated over 600W from a single-fibre laser.

News from Southampton Photonics (27 June 2003)