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Product category: Memory Devices and Modules
News Release from: Silicon Storage Technology | Subject: All-in-OneMemory
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 27 March 2007

Memory subsystem marries Flash and RAM

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Revolutionary memory subsystem blends key benefits of NOR, NAND and RAM in a unified architecture.

Silicon Storage Technology, has unveiled its All-in-OneMemory solution, a revolutionary memory subsystem that blends key benefits of NOR, NAND and RAM in a unified architecture that offers multiple gigabytes of execute-in-place (XIP) code storage and satisfies the growing data storage needs of embedded applications All-in-OneMemory technology provides a completely managed memory subsystem for a wide range of embedded system applications, including multimedia-enabled cellphones, portable media players, digital still/video cameras, personal navigation devices, set-top boxes, IPTVs and industrial systems

By managing the system's key memory components in a single package, All-in-OneMemory simplifies the host interface, shortens design time, reduces overall system costs, and improves quality and reliability.