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Edited by the Electronicstalk editorial team Nov 29, 2007

Module handles feature a distinct feel of engagement in each of three detent positions, making it easier for users to determine the operating status of the mezzanine card module.

A range of module handles and light pipe brackets from Southco satisfy the requirements of the PICMG AdvancedMC standard (AMC.0) for use in telecomms industry ATCA-chassis applications.

Multiple options for each product provide complete compatibility with the industry standards, plus added features for enhanced performance and ease of use.

The module handles lock mezzanine cards securely in place when closed, and provide for automatic microswitch disengagement when unlatched, to allow for a graceful power-down in hot-swap applications.

Their design features a distinct feel of engagement in each of three detent positions, making it easier for users to determine the operating status of the mezzanine card module - module latched with microswitch engaged, module latched with microswitch disengaged, or module unlatched with card able to be extracted.

This ergonomic design of the handles features reinforced construction to prevent twisting during use and a lock-in spring-mounted cam to ensure positive card engagement.

A textured grip provides a sure grasp during insertion and removal.

Module handles satisfy both the R1.0 and R2.0 standards of the AMC.0 specification and are available in three sizes - compact, mid-size and full-size - to accommodate all potential AMC.0 mezzanine card formats.

They also offer the option of custom-colour powder-coated finishes for enhanced aesthetics or for colour-coding by component function.

Light pipe brackets, used to make board-mounted LED displays visible on the faceplate of a mezzanine card module, are available for both the AMC.0 R1.0 and AMC.0 R2.0 standards.

Each light pipe bracket consists of a light pipe housing and light pipe.

Both the module handles and light pipe brackets incorporate die-cast construction for improved durability and long-lasting use, and both snap into the faceplate for easy installation that saves time during assembly.

Each features RoHS-compliant plating to deliver environmentally friendly performance.

Custom module handles and light pipe brackets are also available to satisfy specific customer requirements.

Southco offers fully compliant handle, hardware, and inject/eject solutions for the full array of telecomms-industry modular rack-and-chassis application standards - AdvancedTCA (ATCA), AdvancedMC (AMC) and MicroTCA (MTCA).

As the only PICMG member devoted exclusively to access hardware including ejector handles, Southco has introduced these new products to assure continuing compliance with evolving PICMG specifications.

Southco also offers a full range of ATCA products including ejector handles, captive fasteners, alignment pins and keying blocks.

Equipment manufacturers can request free samples of the new Southco module handles for evaluation in their own equipment.

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