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Softjin Technologies

Unit No 102, Mobius Tower, I Floor, SJR- I Park
EPIP, Whitefield
Telephone: (India) +91 80 51779999

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Listing of all 10 news releases from Softjin Technologies:

Blaze adopts customised EDA tools

Software component development and licensing business model proves crucial for bringing quality DFM software to market faster.

News from Softjin Technologies ( 3 July 2007)

EDA tool stands test of comparison

Tool can compare any two layout and/or mask databases, which may be in different formats, have different hierarchies or come from different sources.

News from Softjin Technologies (29 May 2007)

Direct translations between Open Access and Oasis

A customised EDA (Electronic Design Automation) tool development company performs direct bi-directional translations between OpenAccess and OASIS files.

News from Softjin Technologies ( 4 April 2007)