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Silicon Image

1060 East Arques Avenue
CA 94085

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Listing of all 10 news releases from Silicon Image:

Working group to define mobile memory interface

Serial Port Memory Technology will enable extended battery life, bandwidth flexibility, significantly reduced pin count, lower power demand and multiple ports by using a serial interface.

News from Silicon Image ( 5 May 2008)

Transmitters and bridge enable new HD link

The Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) enables consumers to connect mobile devices directly to digital televisions.

News from Silicon Image ( 9 January 2008)

Multimedia receivers provide vibrant colours

The SiI9223 supports Silicon Image's MHL, enabling mobile devices such as digital cameras and camera phones to connect to and display high-definition content on digital televisions

News from Silicon Image ( 8 January 2008)

Input processor eases HDTV redesigns

The PinnaClear SiI