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Parc Medicis
66 Avenue des Pepinieres
94832 Fresnes

Phone number(France) +33 1 46 15 45 11

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Sunon was founded in 1980 and has always upheld the philosophy of ?Brand, Innovation, and Value? for their business operations. Over the years, Sunon has continuously focused on developing and making innovations for their core motor technology, leading the industry in product trends for motors, cooling fans, and cooling modules.

Today, Sunon is the worldwide leader in precision motors and micro miniature fans, and is widely recognized by the industry as the designated partner for various multinational corporations. Sunon products are widely used in various applications and industries such as information technology, network communications, optoelectronics, and automobile electronics industries, as well as in industrial production equipment, medical equipment, home applications, OA machines, and others.

Sunon R&D team consists of over 400 engineers aiming to expand the optimized performance and unlimited possibilities for motor applications with the core motor technology. Up to the end of 2008, Sunon received 1367 patent approvals from dozens of countries. In an article in the Technology Review magazine published by Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sunon is ranked 48th worldwide for technological strength in the field of computing. Sunon is also the only manufacturer specializing in cooling motors and fans to be ranked worldwide.

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  • Sunon fan meets cooling efficiency requirements

    The Sunon Power Motor Fan 40 x 40 x 56mm is designed for 1U rack servers with strict requirements for cooling efficiency.
  • Motor fan resists dust and prevents oil leakage

    The Sunon DR Maglev Motor Fan uses the Maglev technology and incorporates new design features to increase dust resistance and prevent oil leakage.

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