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Silicon Hive

Philips Technology Campus
Prof Holstlaan 4 (WDB 1.44)
5656 AA Eindhoven
The Netherlands
Telephone: (The Netherlands) +31 40 274 5169

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Listing of all 15 news releases from Silicon Hive:

Image partnership draws on optical research

Silicon Hive will enhance its HiveFlex ISP 2200 processor's instruction set for Apical Imaging's engines, resulting in area and power-efficient silicon designs.

News from Silicon Hive (11 February 2008)

Multiprocessor platform takes full HD onboard

Silicon Hive's HiveFlex 2500 processor and AllGo's optimised H.264 codec software can be combined on an SoC to offer HD video signal processing.

News from Silicon Hive (16 November 2007)

IP core suits high-definition video

he Full HD decoding hardware is supported by three VLIW processors; two VLIW processors that have tile architectures and one stream processor meant for entropy coding.

News from Silicon Hive (15 November 2007)

Video cores promise power and area efficiency

Video signal processing cores target HD widescreen TVs with high quality video displays.

News from Silicon Hive (11 May 2007)