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UPS systems are ideal for kiosk integration

A Smart Power Systems product story
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Edited by the Electronicstalk editorial team Sep 30, 2005

To maintain up-time and reduce servicing, the latest electronic power conditioners add kiosk-specific and "watch dog" software applications to guard data in case of power failure or lockups.

In the race to deliver 100% reliability for kiosk and ATM applications, every integrator, VAR, and in-house system operator knows that power is everything.

With the same consequences of a team member dropping the baton in a 400m relay, the momentary interruption of line voltage often leads to irreparable damage that only a site visit and rebooting can restore.

When the interruption strikes mission critical applications like banking and retail operations, further damage control is called for as vendor credibility becomes jeopardised.

To prevent such catastrophes, resellers and network administrators are turning to a new option: digital UPS units that not only provide "computer grade" power, but possess the intelligence, during the absence of an operator, to safely close down a running application in case of an unexpected power failure, thus preserving valuable data.

The fact that recent innovations have now brought the price of these power-conditioning UPS units to below that of older UPSs and isolation transformers means that dealers and integrators can cost-effectively reduce unnecessary service calls while increasing customer satisfaction.

"A happy customer is your best customer; they will came back and purchase more when they have a good experience with your system", confirms Fred Newtz, IT Director for Horizon USA of Houston, Texas - one of the nation's largest, most innovative designers of interactive kiosks.