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Simpletech Europe

Siriusdreef 19
2132 WT Hoofddrorp
The Netherlands
Telephone: (The Netherlands) +31 23 799 0020

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Listing of all 15 news releases from Simpletech Europe:

Solid-state drives come with Serial ATA interface

SimpleTech has extended its Zeus solid state drive (SSD) product line with the introduction of a Serial ATA (SATA) version.

News from Simpletech Europe (24 March 2005)

Double-datarate modules fit sub-1U systems

SimpleTech has developed new ultra-low-profile DDR1 and DDR2 modules designed for use in servers and blade servers, as well as the highest capacity upgrade for DDR1 and DDR2 with a 4Gbyte module.

News from Simpletech Europe ( 8 March 2005)

Simpletech selects Silicon Highway

Simpletech has selected Silicon Highway as its exclusive representative in the UK and Ireland.

News from Simpletech Europe (30 September 2004)

Slim claims for speedy solid-state drives

The Zeus Ultra DMA solid state drive (SSD) is billed as the world's thinnest, fastest solid-state drive.

News from Simpletech Europe (25 August 2004)

High-speed memory modules enter the game at Comdex