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Siemon UK

36-48 Windsor Street
KT16 8AX
Telephone: (UK) +44 1932 571 771

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Listing of all 17 news releases from Siemon UK:

Hybrid patch cords prepare for future standards

10Gbit/s capable cords feature a standards-recognised TERA interface on one end and a newly redesigned version of Siemon's RJ45-style MC plug on the other.

News from Siemon UK ( 3 October 2007)

Cable management system boosts capacity

Siemon has released a 12in-wide expanded-capacity version of its popular Vertical Patching Channel (VPC) rack-mounted cable management system.

News from Siemon UK (10 May 2007)

Management software for cables in the field

Simeon has brought out MapIT Infrastructure Management software which provides robust new network infrastructure management capabilities and features.

News from Siemon UK (20 February 2007)

Cabling catalogue in paper and online

Siemon announces the release of a new system-based structured cabling catalogue.

News from Siemon UK (19 February 2007)

Cutting cabling is false economy

 Technical background article   Carrie Higbie, Global Network Applications Market Manager at Siemon discusses some of the problems with the curre