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Programme of events spans continents

Packed programme of events for the remainder of 2008 includes seminars to be held in the UK, Ireland and South Africa.

News from SMART Group (18 August 2008)

Training courses are backed by lead-free expertise

The SMART Group is ideally placed to offer industry experts to provide outstanding, noncommercial on-site training on a wide range of subjects.

News from SMART Group (29 May 2008)

Lead-free defect guide is updated

Compilation of defects is designed to help managers, designers, engineers and operatives to solve everyday problems and to let them troubleshoot effectively and efficiently.

News from SMART Group (29 May 2008)

Manufacturing process improvements in South Africa

Seminar programme "Manufacturing process improvement and optimisation" will run in Cape Town, Midrand and Durban, with world class speakers from Europe and the USA.

News from SMART Group (31 March 2008)

Lead-free defect guide is free at Productronica

A free 28-page A5 colour "Lead-free defect guide" will be available from the SMART Group area in Hall A4 Booth 303 at Productronica in Munich.

News from SMART Group (26 September 2007)

Round table debates join Nepcon roster

The SMART Group Round Table Debates are a new feature at Nepcon where key industry leaders will debate the main challenges facing industry.

News from SMART Group (23 March 2007)

Lead-free defect guide set for Nepcon launch

Guide will feature many of the common and less obvious defects seen during the introduction of lead-free products to the market.

News from SMART Group (22 March 2007)

Smart Group seminar charts low-cost progress east

A Smart Group Seminar heard that low-cost labour-intensive manufacturing is leaving this country but high-end design, innovation and development is staying put.

News from SMART Group (23 February 2007)

Advances in production processes for the future

A SMART Group seminar and table-top exhibition on "Advances in production processes for the future" will be held on 13th February 2007 at the Wycombe Football Club Conference Centre.

News from SMART Group (19 January 2007)

Annual conference answers lead-free questions

For the last 8 years SMART Group has organised an annual lead-free conference at the Wycombe Football Club Conference Centre.

News from SMART Group (27 October 2006)

Autumn events address lead-free challenges

The SMART Group is organising three Autumn UK events.

News from SMART Group (17 August 2006)

Report details experience at Nepcon

Smart Group with support from Leadout, a European Lead-Free Research Project, has launched the Lead-Free Experience 4 Report, from the practical work carried out at the recent Nepcon Electronics Show.

News from SMART Group (13 July 2006)

Newsletter commemorates RoHS deadline

The SMART Group has published a special bumper edition of its "Smarter" newsletter to coincide with the 1st July 2006 legislation implementation.

News from SMART Group (10 July 2006)

Salmon take the chair

During its Annual General Meeting held at the recent Nepcon Exhibition held at the NEC, Birmingham UK, SMART Group elected a new Chairman.

News from SMART Group (18 May 2006)

Seven more join the SMART Fellows

During the Nepcon UK show in Birmingham, Peter Swanson announced this year's SMART Fellow awards.

News from SMART Group (18 May 2006)

Lead-free seminar draws 160 delegates

The SMART Group's 8th annual lead-free seminar, question time and exhibition was held in February at Wycombe Football Club Conference Centre, UK.

News from SMART Group ( 6 March 2006)


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