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Semikron packaging vacuum seals power modules

A Semikron product story
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Edited by the Electronicstalk editorial team May 7, 2010

Semikron has introduced Semiseal, a vacuum-sealed packaging for power modules that is designed to ensure secure, easy handling.

The packaging provides mechanical and environmental protection from harmful influences such as humidity, corrosive elements and dust, but also from shock and vibration.

The Semiseal vacuum-sealed packaging for power modules is designed to ensure more secure and easier handling

The Semiseal vacuum-sealed packaging for power modules is designed to ensure more secure and easier handling

The power modules are vacuum-sealed between a plastic film and adhesive-coated paperboard.

After production, the module is immediately sealed using a close-fitting transparent foil on one side and coated paperboard on the other side.

The packaging stays intact during stock handling and transport.

The quality of the module is ensured until the packaging is opened by the customer.

The transparency of the packaging allows for a visual quality check, inspection by customs and data-matrix reading for module identification.

Semiseal packaging allows for different quantities of one module type to be included in a single package that is perforated to allow for easy separation of the modules in given quantities as needed.

Fast unpacking is done by first lifting and taking away the cardboard and then removing the film by pressing down the cardboard template.

Semiseal packaging has undergone rigorous tests to check resistance to environmental influences such as humidity and temperature swings of between -40 and 85C.

The paperboard and ionomer plastic film used for Semiseal are environmentally friendly and recyclable.

The vacuum-sealed packaging units for Semipack 2 and Semitrans 2 are said to weigh approximately 50 per cent less than standard packaging units.

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