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Edited by the Electronicstalk editorial team Aug 27, 2010

26 August 2010 - Xinjiang Goldwind Science and Technology recently signed a sales contract with Semikron China.

The contract ensures the continued supply of SKiiP intelligent power modules and Semistack power electronic assemblies for Goldwind wind power generators.

14 July 2010 - Semikron, PCS Power Converter Solutions and the Technical University of Dresden are partners in a research project in respect of inverter technology.

'More efficient use of regenerative energies with multi-level topologies EEMT' will receive around EUR1.2 m in backing from the German Ministry for Education and Research.

The aim of the project is to develop inverter technology to boost efficiency in the utilisation of power gained from renewable sources.

14 June 2010 - Semikron has taken over the majority of Compact Dynamics, a development specialist for innovative electrical drives and control systems.

The company can now offer development competence from power electronics to electrical motors to meet increasing demand for highly compact drives combining power electronics and control systems.

The drive systems are optimised for use in hybrid and electric vehicles such as cars, busses and utility vehicles, as well as construction, forest, agricultural systems and forklift trucks.

9 April 2010 - Semikron's re-launched website now includes short paths to technical information, products and contact details and search and filter functions to facilitate user selections.

According to the company, the website features a user-friendly design that offers four ways to access information and power electronic products.

The general full-text search function looks for key words, product names, product ranges or even article numbers.

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