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Sight Systems

Woods Way
BN12 4QY
Telephone: (UK) +44 1903 242001

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Touchscreen upgrade uses latest embedded board

 User application article   Cost-effective 3.5in embedded computing platform is selected as part of an upgrade for MoD monitors.

News from Sight Systems (20 September 2007)

Server provides compact processing power

The Sight Systems Mini ITX OctoBlade Server contains eight Intel Core2 Duo processors in a 500mm deep 4U modular system.

News from Sight Systems (17 August 2007)

Complex systems control aero test cells

 User application article   A recent Sight Systems undertaking was the installation and maintenance of the first of five test cells for a large European aero engineering company.

News from Sight Systems ( 6 November 2006)

Custom chassis enables satellite receiver

 User application article   A custom computer chassis is helping the Chilbolton Observatory to receive the first successful transmissions from the Giove-A Galileo satellite which is in orbit 23,000km above the Earth.

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