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Le Ponant de Paris
27 rue Leblanc
F-75512 Paris Cedex 15
Telephone: (France) +33 1 40 70 62 57

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Listing of all 12 news releases from Sagem:

Sagem joins Smart Payment Alliance

Sagem has joined Smart Payment Alliance, a new industry-wide association gathering the leading smart card manufacturers in the world.

News from Sagem (21 March 2005)

DGA commissions next generation cryptophony system

The French defence procurement agency has contracted Sagem to do a feasibility study and design a next generation cryptophony system.

News from Sagem ( 7 January 2005)

Dutch Ministry selects Sagem

Sagem has been selected to contribute to the development of the first biometric passports and national ID cards integrating two biometrics and following the standards set by the ICAO.

News from Sagem (25 October 2004)

Fingerprint recognition system bound