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A Siemens AandD Electronics Assembly Systems product story
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Edited by the Electronicstalk editorial team May 10, 2007

The latest addition to the Siplace D-Series platform is the new "small-footprint" D1s, which will be showcased at Nepcon UK.

Siemens Automation and Drives Electronics Assembly Systems (A and D EA) has expanded its Siplace D platform with the new "small-footprint" Siplace D2 and D1 machines.

These new machines are particularly suited for environments with medium-sized placement volumes and high quality and flexibility requirements.

The smallest, but equally as impressive machine to enter the series is the D1s which will be showcased at Nepcon UK.

Introduced in 2006 and already honoured with several awards, the Siplace D4 and D3 were the first models in the D-Series.

Their successful combination of innovative and proven technology took the market by storm and established the D-Series firmly alongside the Siplace X-Series.

The Siplace D-Series features impressive time and cost savings for electronics manufacturers and with digital camera technology in the placement heads ensures an exceptionally high level of placement quality.

The new D1 and D2 models are the latest to join the Siplace D-Series, also featuring proven Siplace technology such as the technically updated 12- or six-nozzle collect and place heads, Siplace S feeders that are compatible with legacy platforms and robust direct drives for the y-axes.

Beyond that the Siplace D-Series machines also feature innovations such as the newly developed Siplace pick and place head for complex components, a digital vision system for maximum accuracy and reliability, an external vision teaching station, the latest Siplace software and the flexible Siplace dual transport.

With this impressive lineup of innovative features the result is a level of precision and performance that has no equal in this class and a price-performance ratio that is on average 10% ahead of the competition.

The dual-gantry Siplace D2 combines flexibility with performance.

Depending on the application, the 12-nozzle collect and place head can be flexibly combined with the six-nozzle head, pushing the machine's maximum performance to 31,000 components per hour.

The single-gantry D1 uses two heads: a 12- or six-nozzle collect and place head for fast placement of standard components and the newly developed pick and place head which can easily handle even very large, complex and odd-shaped components.

In this configuration, the Siplace D1 achieves a top speed of 15,000 components per hour.

The smallest, but equally as impressive machine in the D-Series is the single-gantry Siplace D1s, featuring just one placement head.

The D1s will be showcased at Nepcon UK, providing an opportunity for visitors to view an end-of-line solution claimed to outperform anything in its class.

The strengths of these machine versions become particularly evident when they are used together.

The Siplace D2, D1 and D1s combination is especially scalable, cost-effective and compact.

It features positions for more than 240 feeders and 28 trays in the significantly improved waffle pack changer (WPC4).

The component spectrum ranges from 01005s to packages up to 10 x 125mm in size, and the maximum performance that can be achieved is 60,000 components per hour.

This combination is particularly well-suited for electronics manufacturers with small to medium volume requirements.

The ease and speed with which it handles frequent product changeovers enables them to operate profitably.

For high-volume electronics manufacturing plants, the Siplace D4, D4 and D1 combination is the ideal choice.

It features top-notch performance of up to 145,000 components per hour while offering 378 positions and a component spectrum that ranges from 01005s to packages up to 10 x 125mm.

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