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Optical inspection system reads 2 and 3D at once

A Siemens AandD Electronics Assembly Systems product story
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Edited by the Electronicstalk editorial team May 3, 2007

The new Siplace OS inline inspection system will be demonstrated on Stand D30 at the Nepcon UK show.

Siemens Electronics Assembly Systems (EA) will expand its product portfolio beyond Siplace SMT placement solutions with the addition of the new Siplace OS inline inspection system, which will be demonstrated on Stand D30 at the Nepcon show.

Siplace OS is the world's first optical inspection system to combine two-dimensional and three-dimensional inspection features.

This will significantly reduce setup times in electronics manufacturing, as new products can be added to the production line in the shortest period of time based on 3D measurements and the component shape library which is independent of component variants, such as colours.

No matter where it is placed within the line, (post paste, pre- and post reflow as well as mixed mode), Siplace OS ensures flawless and fully documented quality.

Electronic modules are becoming increasingly complex.

As soldering spots are getting smaller and placement densities are larger, while components are getting smaller, the quality requirements in electronics manufacturing are steadily on the rise.

With the help of Siplace OS, manufacturers can now implement process control and automatic inspection requirements on the factory floor quickly and with exceptional precision.

The new Siplace OS is a fully automated high-speed machine for automatic optical inspection (AOI).

It employs the 3D triangulation principle to inspect inline and without slowing down the line, all features that lend themselves to optical inspection: the solder paste application with areas, shape and position; the correct positioning of components including their polarity and the finished product after the soldering phase.

Depending on the specific requirements and process requirements, the position of each Siplace inspection system within the line can be easily changed.

Siplace OS employs the 3D triangulation process which performs very quickly and simultaneously not only 2D, but also true 3D height measurements.

Unlike most other systems, the Siplace OS does not perform its 3D measurements in a separate and time-consuming testing step with a laser, but simultaneously and across the entire PCB surface.

The system uses triangulation to generate a precise topographical map of the test subject.

As a result, component colour or board colour, as well as the components' position on the board play no role since the system operates independently of these factors.

Each component shape requires only a single description, and no supplemental teaching after product changeovers is needed, which reduces the time required for new product introductions to a minimum.

By adding automatic optical inspection to its product portfolio, the Siplace team further expands its technology leadership in electronics manufacturing and is now able to design comprehensive SMT placement solutions for its customers that guarantee maximum quality in all segments of the process chain.

Siplace OS plays an important role in this concept as its integrated 2D/3D inspection eliminates most sources of problems reliably and cost-effectively - and it does so directly on the line without slowing down production.

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