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Compact placement platorms adapt easily

A Siemens AandD Electronics Assembly Systems product story
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Edited by the Electronicstalk editorial team May 18, 2004

Siplace CS and CF placement platforms are specifically for companies with medium volume production requirements and quick job changes.

At Nepcon Brighton Siemens Dematic will present the Siplace CS and the Siplace CF machines, the placement system platform specifically for companies with medium volume production requirements and quick job changes.

The Compact series (C series) is based on the tried and tested, and reliable Siplace placement technology offering a cost-effective solution for flexible production environments with medium batch sizes.

Siplace - the modular placement systems for the high-end electronics field - is complementing its range of products and services in the midrange market with this Compact Line, offering a production solution consisting of the Siplace CF multipurpose placement machine and the fast Siplace CS placement machine.

Based on the modular concept, both models in the Compact series can be equipped with the same feeders, changeover tables and other identical accessories.

The flexible C placement machines are capable of handling a multitude of different types of components, printed circuit board sizes and materials.

The Siplace CS placement machine achieves a placement rate of 20,000 components per hour at an accuracy of 90um at 4 sigma, and the flexible Siplace CF multipurpose placement machine performs at a rate of 9000 placements per hour.

Depending on the type of placement head fitted, the machine is capable of achieving 90um at 4 sigma with the collect and place head and 50um at 4 sigma with the pick and place head.

Both placement machines are based on the successful Siplace machine concept, using the principle of moving placement heads and a motionless printed circuit board with stationary component feeding.

The Siplace CS, the solution for the variable speed sector, is a double gantry system.

A compact placement head with six segments is mounted on each of the two gantries.

Both heads work on the collect and place principle.

While one collect and place head loads components, the other is placing, and vice versa.

In this way, the Siplace CS reaches a placement rate of 20,000 components per hour.

The Siplace CF is a single gantry system.

The fine pitch pick and place head as well as the collect and place placement head are mounted on a single gantry in the machine.

This combination achieves high speed with the highest precision.

Siplace CF covers the entire SMD component range, and places not only standard components but also 0201, chip scale packages, uBGAs and BGAs.

The customised range of nozzles and grippers enables all types of odd-shaped components to be handled, ensuring the Siplace CF performs at a placement accuracy at 90um at 4 sigma.

With the C Series, Siemens is meeting the demands of companies that increasingly have to deal with constantly changing batch sizes and frequent job changes.

They are being assisted in this respect by the Siplace C Pro Windows based programming system that has been specifically adapted for the C series.

It quickly creates and loads placement programs with the user offline.

The printed circuit board is shown graphically (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) and the users are able to check the placement program during programming.

At the same time, the Compact placement machines can be configured for each order in a short space of time with the help of the automatic transport width adjustment, the automatic nozzle changer or by changing feeder modules.

The well-known investment protection for the Siplace platform also applies to the C Series.

Based on many years of experience and sound knowledge of SDM placement technology, Siemens is offering the C series cost-effective, state-of-the-art technology and tried and tested Siplace quality.

The modular concept of the C series placement machines ensures easy and quick adaptation to growing production demands.

Siemens will also present its award-winning customised approach to service and support at Nepcon.

Siemens reckons it has the industry's most comprehensive infrastructure to meet the demands of all types of manufacturers.

Siplace services feature quick response times, 365 days a year, a 24-hour expert hotline 7 days a week, remote support, individual maintenance programmes, customised service and replacement part contracts, professional calibration services performed by experts and up-to-date online information.

Siemens has developed a range of Siplace services that not only enhance the Siplace equipment performance, but also protect customers' investment in the long term and help them to manage overall cost of ownership, simplify maintenance budget planning and increase overall productivity and yields.

The Siplace investment protection plan offers customers assistance to maintain their equipment and maximise on their investment.

Equipment performance enhancement plans provide a cost-effective and customised solution to enable manufacturers to achieve unparallel efficiencies and increased productivity and skill enhancement services offer essential efficient practice training courses for increased line utilisation.

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