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Seiko Instruments

2990 West Lomita Blvd
CA 90505
Telephone: (USA) +1 909 975 5626

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Listing of all 14 news releases from Seiko Instruments:

Chip drives three LEDs for backlighting

New from Seiko Instruments, the S-8813 Series three-channel white LED driver is a CMOS charge pump IC with a built-in constant-current circuit.

News from Seiko Instruments (28 March 2002)

Switching regulators shrink power supply

New from Seiko Instruments is the ultra-small S-835X Series of PWM and PWM/PFM CMOS switching regulators.

News from Seiko Instruments (20 March 2002)

More protection for rechargeable batteries

Seiko Instruments has released the first three- and four-serial-cell Li-ion battery protection ICs (BPICs) with three levels of overcurrent detection.

News from Seiko Instruments ( 1 March 2002)

Temperature switch integrates safety latch