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Edited by the Electronicstalk editorial team May 28, 2009

Schroff has introduced a compact MicroTCA system that can accommodate up to six single mid-size AdvancedMC modules in a 19in enclosure with a height of only 1U.

The 1U MicroTCA system features a special case design that ensures efficient cooling of the modules.

It is ideal for use in high-performance multi-processor systems where rack space may be limited: for example, in industrial or transportation applications.

It provides six slots for horizontal mounting of the AdvancedMC modules, as well as a dedicated slot for a MicroTCA carrier hub (MCH).

The device features a MicroTCA backplane, a built-in power supply and a hot-swap-capable fan tray.

The topology of the MicroTCA backplane allows simultaneous use of different software protocols and all AdvancedMC slots are compatible with PICMG AMC.0 R2.0.

The 1U system has a depth of 350mm and includes a 250W AC power-supply unit behind the backplane, with a MicroTCA-compatible power-management module in the form of a mezzanine board mounted on the rear of the backplane.

The temperature-controlled fan tray, combined with the triangular design of the side vents, helps to achieve efficient cooling, which increases the effective air inlet and exhaust volumes by about 30 per cent.

The result is a cooling capacity of 30W per AdvancedMC module and 40W for the MCH, with a maximum temperature rise inside the chassis of only 12.5C.

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