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200 Butterfield Drive
MA 01721
Telephone: (USA) +1 508-881-7330

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Listing of all 18 news releases from Schaefer:

Power supplies handle tough environments

Schaefer has introduced the C4700 series of 2,500W DC/DC convertor, AC/DC power supply and battery charging products.

News from Schaefer (17 April 2008)

DC/DC and AC/DC modules make rugged supplies

Robust design uses industrial grade components and provides a high-density space-saving system for applications in industries such as railway controls and communications.

News from Schaefer (10 January 2008)

Inverters go parallel for scalable AC supplies

The InverTek 1000 has a power rating of 1000W, which can be paralleled for ease of integrating additional InverTek units as application demands increase.

News from Schaefer (30 November 2007)

Supply family spans DC/DC, AC/DC and chargers

150W DC/DC convertors, AC/DC power supplies and battery chargers are available for 19in Eurocard mounting, wall mounting, chassis mount packaging or as a DIN-rail-mount package.

News from Schaefer (24 October 2007)

Sine wave inverters provide utility grade power

The Rex series' compact, ultralight, yet ro