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44081 Old Warm Springs Blvd
CA 94538
Telephone: (USA) +1 510-659-1549

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Serial to USB module takes top design award

The grand prize winner receives a US $1000 cash award, and SchmartBoard will manufacture and market a SchmartModule product with the winner's name on it.

News from Schmartboard ( 8 February 2008)

Prizes for prototypers

The second annual Schmartie Awards offer a tempting array of prizes to designers of novel SchmartModule circuits.

News from Schmartboard (15 June 2007)

Module plugs in to power prototype designs

The latest addition to the Schmartboard prototyping system allows users to power up circuits with one of seven voltages.

News from Schmartboard ( 4 May 2007)

Prototyping has its rewards

A new rewards programme should be music to the ears of Schmartboard customers.

News from Schmartboard (26 April 2007)

Distributors cover Hungary and Mexico

SchmartBoard has signed Budapest, Hungary-based ChipCAD Distribution and Monterrey, Mexico-based Adoxis to distribute the SchmartBoard-ez line of products.

News from Schmartboard ( 2 April 2007)

Distributor supports SchmartBoard's three segments

SchmartBoard has signed Belmont, California-based Jameco Electronics as an authorised distributor.

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