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Edited by the Electronicstalk editorial team Jan 7, 2011

Saelig has introduced a range of economical Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) boards, with regulated DC output, which allow remote device operation and control without the need for a local power source.

TEK-PoE 2 DC-12W is a PoE power source that delivers regulated DC power for Ethernet-connection of devices that are not PoE-ready.

It uses standard PoE switches, cables and RJ45 connectors, delivering regulated DC output at a user-selected level of 5V, 9V, 12V or 24V, and passing a 10/100base-T Ethernet connection through to the output jack.

A keep-alive circuit provides a minimum load to keep the PoE source connected under no-load conditions.

PoE-2-RS232-12W is a PoE serial adapter/converter that provides Ethernet-to-serial data conversion and high-efficiency local power from Ethernet cable when sourced by 802.3af-compliant Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE).

This serial-to-Ethernet cable adapter can quickly and easily be connected to any device with a serial port connection, making it immediately web-enabled.

Functioning as a single-serial-port server, PoE-2-RS232-12W converts a serial port to an Ethernet port, removing the length limitations imposed by RS232 communication cables.

PoE-2-Input-12W is a digital monitor/DC-DC converter that provides remote Ethernet monitoring for up to 16 digital Inputs with local power derived from a PoE cable.

This networked device monitor can quickly web-enable any 5V digital device.

This digital monitor can therefore report status, time, temperature, alarm, or any other information from anywhere directly to a PC.

Additionally, it can deliver regulated DC power for an additional non-POE device, locally converting up to 48VDC down to 3.3-12VDC for non-POE devices.

PoE-2-Relay-8-12W is a relay output and local DC-DC converter that offers remote Ethernet switching control of up to 30A per device on eight different relay channels on a PoE Ethernet connection.

This versatile Ethernet-switching controller can quickly and easily allow web-control of up to eight 30A loads.

In addition, PoE-2-Relay-8-12W features a power extraction accessory that can deliver regulated DC power for a secondary non-POE device.

PoE-2-Relay-8-12W makes it easy to remotely switch a load under software control.

A software development kit is also available for developing customised applications for these PoE boards.

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